As a member of the Musicians’ Union, I 

believe it is important to lay out payment an

d cancellations of our lessons in an easy and 

brief way! Lessons are paid in blocks of

at least four, and tend to coincide with the six school terms in the year. However, lessons are available during school holidays if discussed with me! 

One off tutoring lessons are also available if you need some advice or help with a song, before a performance or recording session!


Cancellation Policy

If a lesson is missed it will still be paid for. However, if I am given 48 hours notice of the cancellation, then we will rearrange a date and time to make up for the lesson missed in that block of lessons or term. Any missed lesson with less than 48 hours notice is not guaranteed to be re-booked. 

If I am unavailable to give any scheduled lesson, the lesson will be carried forward to the next term or block of lessons. If this is not possible, any fee already paid will be refunded.